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Always New

Coaching that points you back to your true nature
Everything we experience is Always New, every moment, despite what it feels like.

About Me

My name is Joyce Kavaras, and I currently work as a dietitian and diabetes educator. About five years ago, I came across an understanding that changed my life.

Having suffered many years with anxiety, which at times included panic attacks, insomnia, and bouts of major depression, I did my best to manage.

Therapy, coping skills, and medications were helpful, but never the true answer as I lived in fear of the scary feelings/triggers returning. Deep down, I was grateful for all I had, but discouraged that I was too anxious to enjoy it. I just wanted to "be myself" and feel at peace.

One day, while doing some research for work, I stumbled upon a short video of Dr. Amy Johnson talking about the brain being a machine in your head that can have you feeling like you couldn't be “yourself” because of negative, scary thoughts. I cannot remember any specifics, but from that moment on my life began to change. I now know that I had experienced an insight!

Fast-forward to today where I am excited to share what I have come to see with you. Helping others re-discover who they really are underneath their habitual thoughts is my biggest passion as it encompasses all life experience!

I found freedom from anxiety, depression, habits, and fear – not by running away from them, but by Seeing what their essence is; the same essence of everything/anything any one of us ever experiences. This is what I now share, and where I can point you.  Welcome to Always New!

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

"I have realized that the past and the future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is."              Alan Watts

Work with Me
Individual Coaching:
One on One coaching calls on Zoom.

First session is free!

After the first session, individual sessions are $55.00
Contact Me:

Interested in setting up a call or want more info? Please reach out!


"When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near truth"     Rumi                                                                 

Some Things to Note...

Hello and welcome to my coaching site! I'm glad you're here. Some of you may see I am a dietitian and wonder about that in terms of our coaching sessions. The coaching I offer encompasses any and everything meaning any issue or problem you find troubling. If you are just looking to understand your experience of life, that is fine too! I've listed some things below, but any issue is welcome.

Anxiety, depression, habits, addiction, eating issues, health concerns/conditions, mental health, grief; anything that has you feeling unsure, insecure, stuck, broken, lost, or just curious.

The beauty of the understanding is that it is all inclusive. Our well-being is inherent, not something we have to find or make happen. We've only temporarily forgotten who we really are beyond our intellect. Our time together will be a pointing back to our True Nature. Connect with me via the email address below:


Peace of Mind, Love, Happiness, Understanding...

What all humans want, right? The good news is, it's already ours!

Freedom in the midst of any experience is possible for any one...

...right now (even if you don't feel it)

...without willpower

...without techniques or practices

...without your best physical or mental health

...or anything else you think you need to be okay or happy.

You may say, you don't know my story, my years of suffering, the things I've done or not done, and you are right, I don't, but that is okay. You are already whole, free and complete, perfect just as you are right NOW. That I do know and that is what I can point to in our conversations together.

If you do decide to connect, our first session is free. After that, please see pricing here.


Email me, Joyce Kavaras, at: if you have any questions or would like to set up a call.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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